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Spray Foam

Working across the Central Belt of Scotland, Green Build CW offers a fantastic range of insulation products to help you save money on your energy bills.

Local Roof And Loft Insulation Specialists

Growing in popularity throughout the United Kingdom, many homeowners and business stakeholders are deciding to turn to loft or underfloor insulation. Spray foam is often used in place of fibreglass or kingspan, with Scotland’s harsh Winters requiring sufficient protection from the sub-zero temperatures. The loft of your home is likely allowing entry of cold air which sinks through to lower levels, creating a chill around the entire property. This issue also means that warm air is escaping simultaneously, and insulation installation can be beneficial in this context.

By enlisting Green Build CW to install spray foam between your roof rafters and gables, you can expect instant results alongside consistent savings on heating bills. Your home will be much warmer in the Winter yet also much cooler during the Summer months, with spray foam far more effective than traditional insulation solutions. Your roof will also maintain a longer lifespan with greater structural integrity due to the lack of condensation and dampness formed when spray foam has been acquired. Regardless of a roof’s shape and size, spray foam is likely to be the solution for cracks, crevices and holes. We'll inspect the loft area and decide what type of spray foam (open or closed cell) is most suitable.

A Loft Being Serviced With Spray Foam
Construction Worker Spraying Expandable Foam Insulation between Wall Studs.jpg

Underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation installed by Green Build CW we can help to eliminate unwanted draughts and allow our clients to enjoy a much more comfortable living environment whilst saving almost half on their monthly energy costs.


It is a well-known fact that heat rises, which means that just cranking up your desired temperature on your thermostat will not always solve the problem. To totally seal the envelope of a residential home look no further than Lapolla spray foam for your underfloor insulation.


Why make the switch to spray foam?

  • 15 % of heat in a home or property is lost through the floor.

  • Unlike traditional insulation, which is fitted rigidly, Lapolla spray foam is engineered to cover all gaps and air leaks in a one-time installation with a life span the same as the building.

  • With Green Build CW's floor insulation we offer a much more beneficial product which lowers heating costs, has far superior noise reduction properties and creates a much more comfortable living environment

  • A one-time install gives you a lifetime of savings.

Wall insulation

As well as floors, Green Build CW can use airtight Lapolla insulation to insulate walls in your home. As this type of insulation fills all gaps where air and moisture could penetrate, the chance of mould and dampness appearing are vastly reduced, creating a healthier living environment as well as a warmer home. 

Commercial Insulation Experts

Green Build CW's extensive experience comes from commercial projects, meaning we would be a great asset on any large-scale building projects in Scotland and across the UK. We can offer the same services from our residential work on a much larger scale when required for commercial insulation.


When working on new build or refurbishment projects we can insulate the whole building from the roof to the wall cavities and the underfloor. Our team has worked in a variety of commercial buildings in the past including offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses and care homes.

Our commercial applications are as follows:

  • Roof, underfloor and wall insulation

  • Void filling

  • Condensation control

  • Noise reduction

  • Infestation and rodent prevention

A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the drywall
wall is sprayed with liquid insulating foam before the siding goes on.jpg

Why Should You Upgrade From Fibreglass?

Due to its low cost, fibreglass has historically been a popular choice for homeowners and builders.​ However, instead of preventing heat loss, it just slows it down.

When fitted in the floor of a loft, fibreglass is the first point of contact for hot and cold air to meet. When different air temperatures meet in the fibreglass, this causes condensation and damp problems in your loft space which can spread further.

Made from a two-component mixture of isocyanates and polyol resin, spray foam is a far superior way of insulating your walls, floors and lofts. The mixture is sprayed through a mixing gun directly into the required areas and left to expand and harden. Once set, this coating will seal all cracks and air leakages whilst remaining breathable.

Young couple looking out of window of solar panelled roof.jpg

We work throughout the Central Belt of Scotland

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We pride ourselves on our install success rate and deliver complete customer satisfaction. This is reflected by our 5-star reviews on all social media platforms including Google, Facebook and Instagram.


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With over 1,200 installs under our belt, we know what it takes to deliver successful results. Whether working in homes, commercial or industrial premises, our accredited installers are highly trained with a product that carries the most accreditations globally.


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Our time in business has seen us install over 150,000m2 of spray foam in Scotland. We've taken on insulation projects of all shapes and sizes from lofts to walls, warehouses to shipping containers.

An air conditioning engineer is finishing the installation of several units on a rooftop

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