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Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

With the cost of living within The United Kingdom steadily increasing and energy bills rising by the month, Summer 2022 is the ideal time to invest in a solution which not only cuts down costs, but improves your carbon footprint in the process. Among the most popular sustainable energy solutions are household solar panels, with these useful installations also available for commercial buildings and industrial settings. Green Build CW Ltd are recognised as a leading supplier of renewable energy sources within Glasgow and the surrounding areas. With years of experience and a passion for providing the most energy-efficient appliances for our customers, you can slash bills and do your bit for the environment by considering our personalised services.

Continue reading for more information on solar panels, and how this innovative energy supply can save you money long-term.

Solar Panels

The Sustainable Solution

With recent calls from the government to improve sustainability in an effort to halt climate change, there are a multitude of ways that everyday people can make a difference, and renewable energy sources are just some of them. Loft and underfloor insulation, as well as air source heat pumps are viable solutions available from Green Build CW Ltd which won’t break the bank and can give you peace of mind that you’re being considerate of our planet’s future. Solar energy will reduce your reliance on electricity provided by the national grid, giving our customers independence and protection against national price rises.

Savings Over Time

After your panels have been installed, Solar PV can lower your electricity bills by up to 70%. Instead of being wasted, any excess electricity will flow back to the national grid, unless you have a battery storage system which can be used to conserve energy at your convenience. Competitive prices and finance options are available, meaning that you can spread the cost instead of paying outright in one instalment. We work across the Central Belt of Scotland, meaning that our experts can conveniently travel to your desired location.

Installed And Maintained By Experts

Although some renewable energy installers lack experience in the field, you can rely on the team at Green Build CW Ltd to provide individualised advice, guidance relevant to the needs of you and your family as well as helpful tips for additional savings. As well as installing your devices, our staff will endeavour to maintain any appliances and renewable solutions, giving you reassurance that your home will never go without affordable energy. Company director Thomas Williamson has been in the construction industry for over 35 years, sharing his knowledge with the friendly team.

Priding ourselves on a high installation success-rate, we deliver complete customer satisfaction regardless of your circumstances. Our popularity is reflected by countless 5 star reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Over 1200 installations mean that we know what it takes to deliver results, whether you’re a homeowner, or you’re overseeing sustainable solutions for commercial or industrial premises. Contact us today for more information on the personalised services we provide.

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