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The Advantages Of An Air Source Heat Pump

As society has accepted the need to cut out processes and procedures that are harming the environment, many are turning to renewable power sources within the home or workplace. Though solar panels are a well-known method of producing sustainable energy, and loft insulation can be found within many buildings, air source heat pumps are underutilised but may be ideal for your needs. An alternative which can save on energy bills as well as remain environmentally friendly, they can be installed and maintained by professionals at Green Build CW Ltd. When considering the renewable power solution to invest in, there are many factors to account for, and this blog will outline just several of the significant advantages to be found from air source heat pumps.

Continue reading for additional information on this ground-breaking home utility appliance which boosts energy efficiency.

Heat Pump

Help The Environment

Of course, one of the main considerations when deciding to opt for a more environmentally friendly home utility system will be the sustainable benefits it can offer compared to conventional appliances. Air source heat pumps function by using the outside air to heat or cool your home, this is a stark contrast to everyday coal or electricity-reliant heating systems which rely on fossil fuels. An efficient air source heat pump will be capable of delivering three times as much heat as is used in electrical energy.

Safety Ensured

Heat pumps are much safer than traditional heating systems thanks to their simplicity compared to combustion-based heating, With alternative heating methods, coal must be burned, creating a fire risk. Air source heat pumps pose no such risk due to a reliance on electricity to function. These sustainable devices are also safer to install for experts, with the professionals at Green Build CW Ltd able to install and maintain them.

Save Money On Bills

There is plenty of money to be saved with sustainable energy solutions, and air source heat pumps are no different. With bills gradually rising and the cost of living becoming a strain on finances, a pump is cheaper to run than older gas or oil boilers, providing a helpful alternative to environmentally damaging heating options. The more energy efficient your system is, the greater long term savings on energy, and you can rely on us for the very best products in your locality.

Long Lifespan And Low Maintenance

Boilers are notoriously faulty, requiring frequent servicing from engineers and professionals so that they can remain fully functional. Air source heat pumps on the other hand have a lengthy lifespan and can last for up to 25 years. Most pumps will come equipped with a long-term warranty, ensuring that if you do encounter any problems within the first years of installation, you will be protected.

At Green Build CW Ltd, we are proud to serve Glasgow and surrounding areas. Priding ourselves on a high installation success-rate, we deliver customer satisfaction with renewable power whatever the circumstances. With countless positive reviews, plenty of returning customers and a growing local reputation we know what it takes to deliver results. Over 1200 installations have been completed by our team, with domestic, commercial and industrial purposes all benefitting from reduced energy prices and increased sustainability. Contact us today for more information on our energy efficiency services.

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