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What Are the Benefits of Using a Solar Battery?

Solar panels use solar energy to provide a renewable power source and, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, can significantly reduce heating costs for a home. Solar batteries can store the additional energy generated from solar panels to be used later. Whilst solar panels can generate electrical energy even on cloudy days, solar batteries reduce the need to rely on other sources of power at times of day when the solar panels are not generating enough energy.

As a solution for energy storage, installing a solar battery maximises the benefits of solar panels. A high-quality battery can increase the benefits of this environmentally friendly power source. With rising energy costs this can help further decrease utility bills. Additional energy from solar panels will enter the National Grid if batteries are not installed so you can be confident that with or without a solar battery your solar panels will be reducing carbon emissions and reducing your energy bills.

Read more for some further information on the benefits of getting a solar battery installed alongside your solar panels.

Solar panels


By installing a solar battery to store energy from solar panels you can ensure that you are making the most of this investment. Whilst many people are not home during the day when solar panels are generating electrical energy, solar batteries mean that this energy will be stored until it is needed. Using a solar battery can also provide energy to be stored and used during peak hours when you are at home. It is also the case that heating will likely be used least when solar panels are generating the most energy with a solar battery allowing you to store this energy for later use.

Solar Panels Without A Solar Battery

With or without a solar battery, solar panels will contribute significantly to reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Without a solar battery, excess energy from solar panels will be exported to National Grid offsetting energy costs and contributing a renewable source of energy. If a solar battery is installed and is full, excess energy will enter the National Grid in the same way. At least 10% of an energy company’s electricity supply is required to be generated from renewable sources. As a result of this, selling excess energy to energy companies is another instance where solar panels can offset energy costs.

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